Want a Free Creative Idea?

As an online brainstorming team, we want to show you how easy and convenient it is to work with us. Simply fill out our Free Brainer Form and briefly describe your project (it takes just seconds) and we’ll brainstorming a free creative idea for you. Now we’re not going to send you the first idea that comes to mind, we’re going to put some real creative work into it. We’ll generate several creative ideas, select the best, and then email you a PDF layout of the final idea. This free creative offer isn’t open to just anyone. We’re looking to build relationships and collaborate with creative directors and their departments, ad agencies and other creative businesses.

Why We Give Away Free Ideas.

As a freelance brainstorming team were looking to build relationships with ad agencies and creative businesses. By giving you a free creative idea, you can take us out for a creative test drive. See what we can do. We believe you’ll quickly see the benefits of using us as your online freelance creative team. So if you’re seriously looking for an outside brainstorming team as a creative resource, give us a spin by filling out our Free Brainer form or clicking on the “Free Brainer” Icon at the top of this page.

How we do our brainstorming.

We have both learned the craft of brainstorming through years of experience in advertising agency creative departments. As an art director and copywriter, we work together as a creative team.

Our first step as a freelance brainstorming team to educate ourselves thoroughly on the client’s product or service. We study a creative brief that answers many questions such as: Who’s the target audience?… What's the marketing objective?… What's the main benefit of the product or service?... Who are the main competitors?... and many more. Once we’ve “downloaded” this vital information, we begin brainstorming creative.

Now the fun begins as we start brainstorming as many creative ideas as possible. We call this “soft” thinking. No negativity. No judging of ideas. Very upbeat and positive. The best creative ideas come from talking, discussing, doodling, words, phrases and visuals. The brainstorming creative process will take days.

Many times, letting ideas germinate overnight produces even better creative ideas the next morning when you have a fresh new perspective.

The goal of a brainstorming team is over several days is to brainstorm an abundance of ideas. Once we’ve produced this volume of ideas, we start “hard thinking.” This is where we take a more analytical approach, sifting through the creative ideas, refining the winners and putting the others aside. Once we have developed the best ideas to their full potential, we deliver them to you. These are the ideas you can tweak in-house or present to the client as they are.
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